The Stott Legacy
Bp Robert Aboagye-Mensah

Bp Robert Aboagye-Mensah

November 19, 2021

Dr Robert Aboagye-Mensah is a theologian and scholar, pastor and leader, a thinker for the church and the public square. His career culminated in his being appointed as the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church in his native Ghana in 2003, a post he held until 2009. But he has vast experience of ministry in various parts of the world, including seasons in The Gambia, and teaching at All Nations in the UK, and being a research Fellow at Yale Divinity School in the US. He has served in various roles with the World Council of Churches and has published several works. But through it all, a constant thread has been that of John Stott.

Prof Jerram Barrs

Prof Jerram Barrs

October 21, 2021

Jerram Barrs has taught apologetics at Covenant Theological Seminary in St Louis since 1989 and just a few years ago was made the inaugural holder of the Francis Schaeffer Chair of Christian Studies and Contemporary Culture. He was born in the UK and studied at Manchester University.

He was involved in the original L'Abri Fellowship in Huémoz in Switzerland with the Schaeffer family and in 1971 was one of the founding members of the English L'Abri and founding pastor of the International Presbyterian Church in Liphook, Hamphshire, nearby. He has written and taught widely ever since, and in particular, got to know John Stott through their public debates and discussions on Just War and Pacifism.

Stott asked him to be one of the first board members of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC, formerly known as Christian Impact) in the 1980s.

Dr Corey Widmer

Dr Corey Widmer

September 22, 2021

Mark Meynell chats to Corey Widmer, from Virginia USA, who was John Stott’s study assistant for three years in the late 90s. For many years, John had a study assistant, usually a young university graduate, and often they were from the states.

Corey is now the lead pastor of a church and recently completed a PhD. He sees Stott as having a great impact on not just his preaching but also his engagement with current social issues.

Listen to the episode for many stories and reflections from someone who worked extremely closely with John Stott and saw different aspects of his life and ministry.



Produced by Langham Partnership UKI. For more about John Stott's centenary visit the dedicated website.

Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine

September 6, 2021
To those in the UK, Jeremy Vine needs no introduction. He’s a veteran journalist who started out in local radio and newspaper reporting. He was for several years the BBC Africa correspondent based in Johannesburg, and has since become very familiar, as presenter of flagship programmes like BBC’s Newsnight and Panorama. He currently juggles hosting two daily broadcasts, one on BBC Radio 2 and the other on Channel 5 TV. This is quite apart from the fun he has hosting quiz show Eggheads. But most significantly for our purposes, he knew John Stott well when starting out on his career, and counts him as one of his heroes. He even visited John in the last weeks of his life. So I was really grateful that Jeremy carved out the time to speak about the impact John Stott had on his life.
- Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2
- Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 
- His memoir is 'It’s All News To Me' (Simon & Shuster, 2013)

Dr John Dickson

Dr John Dickson

August 18, 2021

John Dickson is a man of many talents. He was the frontman for a band in the 80s and 90s; he’s an ancient historian and theologian, having done a PhD in ancient history and had teaching posts in his native city, Sydney Australia, at Macquarie University and University of Sydney’s Department of Jewish Studies; more recently he had a visiting role in the University of Oxford classics department.

He is also an ordained anglican minister and has led a church in Sydney. But as if that wasn’t enough, he was the founder of the Centre for Public Christianity and is a writer and media presenter, currently known for his excellent Undeceptions podcast. He is passionately concerned to communicate the Christian gospel to sceptics and to that end, has written a number of successful and helpful books.

Yet the primary reason for getting him onto our podcast is that when asked to describe his churchmanship (especially when visiting the USA), he describes himself as ‘a John Stott evangelical’. So naturally, this amongst other things was the focus of our conversation.

For more information

  • Some of John Dickson’s books:

* A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus * A Doubter’s Guide to The Ten Commandments * A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible 

Dr Ruth Padilla deBorst

Dr Ruth Padilla deBorst

July 29, 2021
Ruth Padilla de Borst knew John Stott from her childhood since he was a frequent visitor to the family home in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America. In fact, the main photograph for the episode’s image shows John celebrating his 80th birthday with the Padilla family in 2001. Ruth's father, the late and much missed René Padilla, became an important colleague and close friend of John’s, in part through their participation in IFES student ministry across Latin America and especially through the Lausanne Movement. John was instrumental in getting René a place in the main speaker programme at the 1974 Lausanne Congress and the latter didn’t pull his punches in what was one of the most significant addresses of the entire event.
Ruth is a noted theologian and missiologist in her own right. A former Langham Scholar, she lives with her husband James in a community in Costa Rica (Casa Adobe), while leading and contributing to a wide range of institutions and initiatives.
Ria Pasaribu

Ria Pasaribu

July 16, 2021
After many years working with university students in Perkantas, the Indonesian member movement of IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), Ria Pasaribu went on to join the staff of OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship). Yet, ever since childhood, she had had a deep commitment to her country’s poorest people, a concern which led her to doing social work studies as an undergraduate.
After years of gaining experience in other organisations, she was eventually able to start up her own: Indonesian Care. This exists to be a catalyst for Indonesian churches to wake up to the needs on their doorstep and to channel their members into viable and constructive projects. Over the last decade and a half, this has led to extraordinary opportunities, including partnerships with the office of the Governor of Jakarta, an astonishing feat in what is the world’s most populous Muslim nation.
And some of the biggest influences on her vision and ministry? John Stott’s books Christian Mission in the Modern World (1975) and Issues Facing Christians Today (orig. 1984).
Indonesian Care - the website is in Bahasa Indonesia but use Google Translate to get an idea!
Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

July 6, 2021
Greg Johnson is Lead Pastor at Memorial Presbyterian (PCA) in St Louis, Missouri, a church he has served in various capacities for nearly 20 years. He is also a church historian, who completed a PhD in Historical Theology through St Louis University. But the reason he finds himself at the centre of various church political storms is that he is described, variously, as a gay or same-sex-attracted celibate Christian, a situation which sees him the target of attacks from conservatives and liberals alike within and without the church. 
His new book Still Time To Care (out next month), traces the various approaches to homosexuality taken by evangelicals over the last 50 or 60 years and is both fascinating and chilling (in equal measure). Its most encouraging aspect, however, is the thread he draws between the complimentary, careful stances of four key leaders: Billy Graham, Francis Schaeffer, C.S. Lewis, and John Stott. So Mark met up with him in St Louis back in June to discuss the impact of Uncle John in particular.
Gail and Jorge Atiencia

Gail and Jorge Atiencia

May 19, 2021

Gail and Jorge Atiencia speak to Mark Meynell from Ecuador, Jorge's home country, in this episode of The Stott Legacy. Gail is originally from Canada, and the couple met while Jorge was training at Regent's College Vancouver. For many years now, they've lived in Colombia and were involved in Langham Preaching right from the start, helping to establish the movement across Latin America. In this episode both Jorge and Gail speak warmly of John Stott's personal example to them, with anecdotes and stories, including a time in Cuba when John woke at 5.30am to wash dishes for 70 people! We also learn about the sighting of a very rare bird and his willingness to preach the Gospel faithfully even in Cuba.

For more on John Stott's life and ministry visit

(NB: poor sound quality from internet connection)

Frances Whitehead

Frances Whitehead

April 27, 2021

27th April 2021 is the centenary of Uncle John’s birth in central London, as well as being roughly 10 years since his death. As a special podcast treat, we have dug out an old conversation Mark Meynell had back in 2013 with the one person that John’s ministry could never have done without: Frances Whitehead. Having worked for the BBC next door to All Souls Langham Place, and converted at All Souls in a process that began with her attending a lunchtime concert in the building, the church of All Souls became her life. She was recruited by Stott to be ‘Parish Secretary’ and would spend the next two decades working with him in that role (only addressing him as ‘Rector’). When his ministry began to expand, affirmed by his appointment as Rector Emeritus in 1975, not only was Frances allowed to start addressing him by his first name, but she formally became his secretary and organiser. She typed up every single one of his books from his manuscripts, fielded every phone call and managed all his correspondence, in a working partnership that lasted over 50 years. She was a force to be reckoned with and a dear friend to many around the world.


This is inevitably an edited version of the conversation - if you would like to hear the whole thing, which includes more about her own upbringing and experiences, go to Mark’s blog.

To get hold of the 2nd edition of Julia Cameron’s book, John Stott’s Right Hand: The untold story of Frances Whitehead, go directly to the publisher page.


Mark says: We had a lovely surprise a while back when a mutual friend who used to visit Frances weekly after she had moved out of London said that she wanted us to have a plant from her garden. So, just a couple of weeks ago, we planted this Peony in one of our beds - we don't have great green-fingered credentials but so far so good! It still looks alive!



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